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A majority of ocean and sea shipping companies offer a consolidation service for both private and commercial cargo. This service is designed for those who wish to ship their items by sea in particular, but do not have enough to fill a FCL or Full Container Load. If you are searching for such a shipping consolidation firm, then fill out the request form to begin receiving quotes. Rates for consolidation loads are generally quite reasonable but can vary between agents; make sure that you understand the differences.

Furthermore, the insurance required on goods in consolidation loads can differ somewhat. It is in your best interest to be aware of such factors, and essential that you understand the terms and conditions of any shipping contract.

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If you are going to utilize consolidation services for your next LTL (Less Than Truckload) or LCL (Less Than Container Load) shipment, you must be conscious of the fact that it is up to you to forewarn or notify the freight forwarder or consolidation services provider that you want to have your goods separated from other kinds of goods. You must give your instructions in writing to the consolidator a reasonable amount of time before the tender of goods of storage or transport.

The reason for this is that the role of someone like a freight forwarder is to use consolidation services to fill up a TL (Truckload) or FCL (Full Container Load) by amalgamating cargo. However, do you want your personal cargo to be consolidated with commercial goods that need specialized treatment and packing? No, and that is why you must give notice to the consolidation services agent that you are using that you want your cargo to be shipped with similar types of cargo to ensure that your goods will not damaged or altered.
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